Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flexibility and Joint Hydration

Flexibility is a measure of the range of motion, or the amount of movement possible, at a particular joint. Improving your range of motion through stretching exercises will enhance your efficiency of movement and your posture. In addition, flexibility exercises have been shown to be effective in reducing the incidence and severity of musculotendinous injuries. A regular program of stretching exercises can enhance psychological as well as physical well-being.

If you're a golfing, "stretching exercises are a fundamental component in a golf swing improvement program, and they are integral in any golf fitness regime. At the professional level of golf on the PGA TOUR, players know that flexibility is required to execute the golf swing and, as a result, they adhere to a golf fitness program that incorporates a comprehensive set of golf stretching exercises." [1]

Another important component to flexibility is joint hydration. If your joints are stiff it's impossible to get the full range of motion. Joints must remain well hydrated in order to stay flexible, strong and pliable. Any stiffness in your joints will cause the muscles to work harder, and cause soreness in the joint, and/or, as in extreme conditions, will cause damage to the joints.

To help with the hydration process, I recommend TriVita's Optima Flex™. It has been developed by TriVita to help individuals maintain their flexibility, and keep the joints hydrated. Many golfers use Optima Flex to keep their range of motion at the optimum level. "If limitations exist in terms of mobility or flexibility within the body, execution of a fundamentally sound golf swing can be hampered." [1]

The key ingredient in Optima Flex™ to supplement the joints is cetyl myristoleate. Cetyl Myristoleate has been reported to act as a lubricant for the joints and muscles, help in the building of cartilage, and help your body reduce inflammation. It's an expensive, rare ingredient but one that has impressive results in protecting the joints and lowering the possibility for future damage.

Golf stretching exercises are very beneficial in developing the required levels of flexibility for the golf swing. Keeping the joints well hydrated will help maintain that flexibility.

To learn more about TriVita's Optima Flex, click on the Optima Flex link.

Jeffrey Sloe
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[1] www.pgatour.com/2009/tourlife/instruction/09/28/cochran/index.html

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